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Graduate Program Directory

Graduate Academic Programs
Program Director
MS Agriculture cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: Agriculture) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MS/Ph.D Applied Chemistry  cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: Applied%20Chemistry) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MS Applied Optics cwilson [at] desu.edu (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MS Biological Sciences cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: Biological%20Sciences) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MBA jecheverri [at] desu.edu (Mr. Jose Echeverri)
MS Computer Science cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: Computer%20Science) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
M.Ed. Educational Leadership nrathee [at] desu.edu (Dr. Nirmalijit Rathee)
Ed.D. Educational Leadership nrathee [at] desu.edu (Dr. Nirmalijit Rathee)
MS Food Science and Biotechnology cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: Food%20Science%20and%20Biotechnology) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Physics cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: Interdisciplinary%20Applied%20Mathematics%20and%20Mathematical%20Physics) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MS Mathematics cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: MS%20Mathematics) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MS Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: Molecular%20and%20Cellular%20Neuroscience) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MS Natural Resources cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: Natural%20Resources) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
Ph.D Neuroscience cwilson [at] desu.edu (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MS Nursing jakey [at] desu.edu (Dr. Jennifer Akey)
Ph.D Optics cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: Ph.D.%20Optics) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MS Physics cwilson [at] desu.edu (subject: MS%20Physics) (Dr. Charlie Wilson)
MPA jbourke [at] desu.edu (Dr. Jason Bourke)
MSW Social Work kward [at] desu.edu (subject: MSW) (Dr. Kelly Ward)
MS Sport Administration jblade [at] desu.edu (subject: Sport%20Administration%2C%20MS) (Dr. Janet Blade)
MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)/Bilingual Education bbluemel [at] desu.edu (subject: TESOL%2C%20MA) (Dr. Brody Bluemel)