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Graduate Admission Status

Applicants for graduate degrees are considered for admission and, if admitted, classified in one of four categories: Unconditional Admission, Provisional Admission, Conditional Admission and Non-Degree Admission. Successful applicants are notified of their classification at the time of admission. Please note that all graduate programs reserve the right to note more stringent admission guidelines and earlier deadlines than Graduate, Adult and Extended Studies. It is therefore advisable to discuss program requirements with the program director prior to submission of application materials. Complete applications are reviewed and evaluated by the respective Department, which recommends action to the Dean of Graduate, Adult and Extended Studies. The Dean of Graduate, Adult and Extended Studies reviews all recommendations along with application materials; renders an admission decision and extends an offer of admission to the applicant.

Unconditional Admission Requires:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a fully accredited four year college or university;
  • A minimum of 2.50 cumulative grade point average (G.P.A.) as well as a scholastic average of 3.00 in the major on a 4.00 point system of grading (or the equivalent in another grading system);
  • An acceptable score on the specified standardized examination;
  • Completion of all undergraduate prerequisites for the selected graduate program.

Provisional Admission Includes:

  • An applicant who has not attained a baccalaureate degree from a fully accredited four year college or university but who has completed at least 80 percent of degree requirements in the requisite or closely related discipline at the time of application submission and meets all other graduate admission requirements. Applicants in this category must submit official transcripts documenting receipt of the baccalaureate degree at least 30 days prior to the first date of enrollment in order to be eligible to register for graduate courses. International applicants must provide WES or ECE evaluated transcripts 60 days prior to enrollment noting completion of the baccalaureate degree. 

Conditional Admission Includes:

  • An applicant who has attained a baccalaureate degree from a fully accredited four-year college or university in the requisite or closely related discipline and meets all graduate admission requirements, but must show proficiency in select upper division undergraduate or foundational graduate courses; earning as grade of B or better during the first year of enrollment.  Specific course(s) will be noted on the offer letter.  
  • A graduate of an accredited college or university who does not meet minimum graduate admission requirements and/or prescribed program requirements; students in this category are required to meet the conditions noted in the admission offer or risk termination from their program.
  • An applicant who has not attained the requisite degree at the time of application but will have met these requirements prior to graduate enrollment.  Native students unable to document degree receipt prior to enrollment will be admitted provisionally for one semester.  For international applicants, this requires a third part evaluated transcript via WES, AACRO, ECE, or GCE noting receipt of all degrees by the prescribed date of enrollment.
  • Prospective international students who have not completed or do not meet the prescribed TOEFL or IELTS score requirement or who do not demonstrate English proficiency sufficient for academic success, but meet all other admissions criteria may be admitted conditionally where proficiency will be determined prior to enrollment in any credit bearing courses.  All of the appropriate application fees and verification of financial support must be submitted to the Office of International Affairs who will complete the appropriate immigration forms, usually a Form I-20 in preparation for your arrival to the United States. 

Non-Degree Admission

Is granted to those who wish to enroll in courses but who do not intend to qualify for a degree. The non-degree admission category includes those enrolling in graduate study for any of the following purposes:

  • To complete certification requirements,
  • To earn hours beyond the Master’s degree;
  • To enrich their professional development; or
  • To transfer earned credits to a degree program at another institution.

If a student classified as non-degree is subsequently accepted into a Delaware State University graduate degree program, the student may petition to carry forward not more than nine (9) semester hours of credit earned as a non-degree seeking student. Review of and recommendation of transfer credit is made by the Chairperson or Program Director to the Dean, Graduate, Adult and Extended Studies for approval.

Submitting an Appeal Regarding Admission

Applicants wishing to file an appeal concerning denial of admission to a graduate program should be submitted only if there is evidence of a policy breach: as follows:

  • Applicants wishing to appeal a denial of admission must do so 30 days prior to the first date of the enrollment term. Applicants should file, in writing, the appeal to the appropriate Chairperson or Graduate Program Director for resolution. The Chairperson or Graduate Program Director shall submit any recommendation changes to Graduate Studies and Research; copying the student within 10 working days.
  • If the disposition is not favorable, the Dean of Graduate, Adult and Extended Studies shall provide the final decision in writing to the student copying the Graduate Program Director and Department Chairperson within 10 working days. The Dean will only consider requests that can document evidence of a policy violation. All applicants are advised to review program admission standards prior to application as well as submission of an appeal.

Change of Status

Admission status and requirements for change of status will be noted on each student’s Program of Study and submitted to Graduate Studies by the end of the first semester of enrollment by the Graduate Program Director. Provisionally admitted students must satisfy all admission requirements by the time noted in their offer of admission. Application for change of status must be submitted to the respective Graduate Program Director, who recommends action to the Dean of Graduate, Adult and Extended Studies. Students who are not fully admitted are limited to taking no more than 9 credit hours of graduate courses toward a graduate degree.

Transfer of Credit

Applicants who have earned a grade of “B” or higher in graduate courses taken at an accredited institution and related to their proposed program of study can request consideration for transfer credit. These courses will be evaluated on an individual basis by the respective Graduate Program. Applicants admitted to master’s degree graduate programs may transfer a maximum of nine (9) graduate credits from another accredited institution toward the master’s degree provided these credits have not been used to meet the requirements of a degree previously earned.

In all cases, the credit must be directly related to the graduate student’s program of study, and must have been completed within the time limit allowed by Delaware State University for the graduate degree sought by the applicant. Requests for transfer of graduate credit to master’s programs should be included on the student’s Program of Study and approved by the Graduate Program Director, accompanied by an official transcript and submitted to Graduate Studies and Research for review and approval no later than the end of the student’s first semester of enrollment.

Applicants admitted to doctoral programs with an earned master’s degree from an accredited institution must provide supporting documentation (as requested by the Program) at the time of admission. Program Directors will review all documentation and note the allowable transfers in the program’s recommendation to the School of Graduate Studies and Research. The Dean of Graduate, Adult and Extended Studies will note approval of hours in the admissions offer.

This policy does not pertain to courses taken at another institution during graduate matriculation at Delaware State University per the approval of the program administrators.


Students wishing to return after in enrollment of attendance are required to reapply for admission. Applicants for re-admission must update their credentials by providing information relevant to any courses taken at other institutions during their absence from the University; time limits and transfer limits apply unless other courses were approved in advance by the Graduate Program. If the request for readmission is based upon academic probation or dismissal, the application must be accompanied by a recommendation from the program director along with a success plan for the student.